Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team combines 70 years of expertise in blockchain, information technology, pharma, medtech and clinical research.

Thomas Meyer

Founder and Chairman

Thomas has been active in the biotech and medtech business for >30 years. He is currently the CEO of Altamira Therapeutics Ltd., a biomedical company developing therapeutics for indications in oncology, neurotology, allergology and infectiology. In this role, he designed and oversaw 14 clinical trials, ranging from Phase 1 to Phase 3. Prior to founding Altamira Therapeutics in 2003, he was the CEO of Disetronic Group, a fast-growing Swiss drug delivery company.

Dominik Lysek

CEO & Executive Director

Dominik has acquired extensive experience in clinical research since 2004. First, he set up and managed clinical trials for biotech and medtech companies. In 2010 he founded credentis, a Swiss company developing novel products for dental and oral care treatments. As its CEO, he designed and oversaw credentis' clinical program. In 2020, credentis was successfully acquired by vVardis.
Dominik is currently Co-CSO of vVardis.

Franciscus Pijpers

CTO & Director

Frank is a serial entrepreneur who has been working for >30 years in information technology with a strong focus on the development and commercialization of software solutions spanning the complete clinical trial process. He started his career with Oracle as database consultant and later became responsible for clinical trial data management solutions with one of the Top 10 pharma companies.

Rebecca Zeising

Head of Business Development
Rebecca has profound knowledge of the clinical research industry since 2008. She started her career as a clinical research associate with a CRO and later became a clinical project manager, clinical operations manager, and finally regional clinical trials manager with leading pharmaceutical/biotech companies. Rebecca recently broadened her skillset with an executive MBA from the Technical University of Munich and is a certified Blockchain/DLT Manager and DLT Talent.

Damian Schraube

Head of Product Management
Damian is a senior IT professional with more than 15 years of experience in the regulated pharma and medical device industry. He has profound knowledge in software development with a focus on IT quality, agility and product management. In the last couple of years he worked on clinical development informatics and completed an MBA in engineering management.

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