Vision & Mission

PharmaTrail is a Swiss company dedicated to developing groundbreaking software solutions for capturing and managing clinical trial data based on Blockchain technology.

By design, our software solutions shall ensure accuracy, reliability, traceability and security for trusted outcomes in pharma, biotech and medtech trials. We can draw on extensive expertise acquired over many years by our team in the areas of Blockchain, information technology, and clinical research.

Our Story

Thomas Meyer, our founder, encountered challenges with the clinical trial solutions at his company, Auris Medical. Traditional solutions failed to offer the robustness and transparency for their clinical trial data that are needed in today´s changing environment.

This challenge ignited the spark for an innovative idea: leveraging the power of blockchain technology. By storing critical clinical data on the blockchain the wins are obvious: unparalleled protection against threats like hacking, ransom attacks, hardware malfunctions, and data losses – challenges that become more and more prevalent in the clinical trial sector.

Furthermore, the team recognized the importance of an uncorruptable audit trail. By storing the audit trail on the blockchain, the integrity of the data remains intact, fostering trust among stakeholders, particularly regulatory bodies. This, in turn, streamlines the review process for clinical trial data.

Established in 2020, our team at PharmaTrail has placed blockchain technology at the core of all our solutions, reshaping the future of clinical trials.

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