Secure Software Solutions for Participant Centralized Clinical Trials

Why would you use our solution?

The answer is straightforward: Your sites and participants will love using it, and your regulators will highly appreciate the data transparency!

At PharmaTrail, we hold the firm belief that innovation thrives on the need of the customer. As a result, our software solutions have been crafted with ongoing input and feedback from Sponsors/CROs, clinical trial sites and participants. The very inception of PharmaTrail was the need of our founder´s pharmaceutical company.

Explore our current available solutions:

Stay tuned for more to come!

Why are we using blockchain technology?

Providing transparency in today’s complex clinical data demands cutting-edge technology. Blockchain technology provides data integrity and security by providing incorruptible audit trails of every data point, unparalleled data security due to its decentralized storage therefore providing securities for sponsors.

Blockchain technology is a key for creating a trustworthy and secure clinical research environment.

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